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Public / Patient Participation in the new Structure? Think Again.

15 Mar

Some of us are trying to see what is going on inside the system.  Two of my colleagues attended separate meetings this week.  These are their brief reports, but it’s enough to make you weep and it makes it entirely clear how the government is able to push through so much so fast.  How?  Because (in the words of the great Hollywood scriptwriter, William Goldman, about Hollywood executives): “Nobody knows anything!”

“I attended the final Local Involvement Network meeting this week (it becomes HealthWatch from April) and several members expressed concern that they hadn’t achieved anything over the last 5 years. The funding that should have been available didn’t materialise, 5 volunteers were trained to undertake visits into hospitals and this year only one visit was undertaken. They also complained about not having information or any understanding of the the health reforms which made me prompt the question ‘How can it be that the people who are in the system don’t know anything about it and feel so dis-empowered?  How does Jo public make any sense of what is going on if you don’t know ?'”

And from another colleague who went to a Patient Participation Group meeting at his local surgery – and by the way our local CCG-in-waiting is claiming this is where all the patient involvement will come from:

I attended the PPG last evening. It was an interesting 
experience and somewhat alarming in that the entire 
meeting agenda was focused on very local patient 
surgery issues. These ranged from redecoration of 
waiting rooms, the removal of toys for H&S reasons, 
to some patient feedback on service provision 
from the practice. The only time any mention was 
made about the forthcoming legislation was a 
comment about Specsavers being given a National 
remit to provide hearing aids and the possible 
on-costs for GPs. The meeting itself was well 
chaired but the 15 or so members seemed to 
have no questions about the future. I came 
away wondering if they were naive, ill-informed 
or not wanting to raise the spectre of 

UK e Petition – Please sign

19 Feb

Private Firms bidding for NHS Contracts should be fully tax compliant

Responsible department: Department of Health

This petition calls upon the government to introduce new regulations, so that only companies fully compliant with UK tax laws can bid for NHS Contracts. Private Health Companies who based themselves overseas, for tax purposes, should be barred from bidding for NHS contracts. Specifically, any profit private firms make from the NHS should be taxable in the United Kingdom.

Number of signatures:
Created by:
Dr Éoin Clarke
15/01/2014 10:23

Private Companies exploiting People with Disabilities

28 Jan

I don’t really care whether Samuel Johnson, Gandhi or Truman said it, the truth of the statement still holds:

“The measure of a society is how it treats its weakest members”

So if you think privatisation of health and care services will improve the measure of our society in England, if you think private companies are going to help the NHS work better and care for the sick, the poor, the disabled and those with mental illness, just take a look at where it’s going at the moment.

A BBC Panorama programme tonight investigated if one of the government’s most ambitious welfare reforms, costing billions of pounds, could solve the problem of disability unemployment. Reporter Sam Poling revealed the private companies who are getting rich from the new reforms despite only being able to get a small fraction of disabled people back to work, and spoke to the charities who feel the most vulnerable in our society are being failed.

Watch it on iPlayer if you missed it and despair for the future of this country.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01qgk9h

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